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Post by Princess on Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:23 pm

These are some FAQ's about homeschool. i will post as i think of them. if you have some questions you think would be good to have on this list feel free to post them below and i will add them here.

1. How do i get started?

The main thing when you start homeschooling is
1) do your homework ( lol )
A. you need to find out what the law requires for your state.
B. start looking into curriculum
C. set up a schedule for your family
2. What about curriculm, where do i get it and how much will it cost?

You can find curriculum at some Christian book stores like mardels. you can find it at any teacher supply, the public is always welcome. and you can find it online. If you have little ones you can find some curriculum at walmart.

if you are just starting out i would not order online (just my personal thought) because you cant really know what you are buying until you see it. so until you are familiar with the different curriculums and what your childrens learning styles are then you need to look at what you are buying, this can save you lots of money.

curriculum can be expensive and it can be cheap. if finances are an issue go to a teacher supply, you can pick out some good but cost effective materials, and it can be lots cheaper than public school. if you have little ones you can do their stuff with just crayons paper and pencils. write down what you would have them do and let them do thier work.

3. Do i need to keep records?

yes. you can use your childrens work, keep everything and make sure they date them. you can keep a grade book and a report card just print it out.

more later.

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