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Post by Princess on Fri Jan 25, 2008 9:41 am

I will try to walk you thru the process of fixing yourself a siggy and posting photos. if i am not clear or you still need help please ask here and i will get you set up.
PLEASE KEEP YOUR SIGGYS AT A REASONABLE SIZE! it helps the board move faster.

first of all you will need a photobucket or other photo hosting acct. you can get one free at you upload any pic you will want to put in here to the photo hosting acct.

after you do that you need to go to your profile a link at the top of the page. then choose the tab signature. in the box there is where you will put your siggy info. to put a photo in the siggy you need to post the img link provided for each pic in photobucket, all you need to do is cut and paste. you can change your siggy around at anytime. you may need to resize your photos especially for use in your siggy. that is easily done in photobucket. just click on the pic you want to resize and it will load then at the top of your pic it will have some drop down things and one of them will be resize.

photos are the same way. you just post a new topic and paste the img link to that post and your pic will appear when you send the message.

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