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Thoughts from a single dad.

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Thoughts from a single dad. Empty Thoughts from a single dad.

Post by FoxDad Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:59 am

Hi All,

Sorry to intrude in the Ladies section, but for my first discussion, thought it would be better posted here.

Being a Dad has been the greatest thing in my life.
Blessed with the opportunity to have what I did not, my Son is the pride/joy of this Man's life.

My Lord has blessed me since I was a child.
I may not have had a "Dad", but I had a Mom that made sure I grew up to the best of her ability. She wasn't perfect, but she was sure close.

I never knew my father, not even a picture. Did it affect me as a kid? Yeah, but mainly it gave me freedom to become my Own Man. No pre-conceived notions here. Amen.

My Son, honestly is a really great kid.
He has his issues like all kids do, but none that are horrible.

He's kind to animals, other kids, shares, asks me around 10,000 questions a day, and will grow up to be a Good,Honest, Simple Man, God-willing.

Now, I cannot speak for all Men, each one is as different, and varied as a clear Texas sky at night.

But for some of us, we don't go to bars.
We don't take our bad day out on our family.
We do try to explain every question asked by our kids to the best of our ability.
We do ask the Lord for advice, every day, multiple times a day.
We look into our hearts, and in everything we do, try to be helpful, kind, and honest.

This was how I was raised, by a single mom who lived on disability, due to a fork-lift driver on LSD at a sandpaper factory when I was a toddler.
She never gave up on me.
Throughout the trials and tribulations of growing up male, she did the best she could do.

I never starved, and we had a roof over our heads all my childhood.
Mom went back to college at age 50.
I was born so late in her life, (43) that by the time I was brought into this world, I suspect she had a good opinion of how a Man should be.
My Mom was the exception, rather than the rule in the short time she had upon this earth.

She was the 3rd Woman pilot in the state of Texas.
She was a City Judge, in Dardanelle, A.K.
She was a crop-duster, and had sky dived 48 times in her life.

But, above all, she was really the best "Dad" a boy could have had.
I've done everything in my power to live up to her legacy with my Son, Fox.

You know how they say that parents pay for their own upbringing?

If that's the truth, then so far I have had to pay pocket change, compared to the massive bills I accumulated in my own childhood with Mom.

But there's a good bit about me.
I'm what my Mom wanted me to be, I suppose.

And with any luck,and a lot of faith, Fox will be the same.

God Bless you guys, this is a great site, with amazing potential.

Single Dads? Yep.
There's a few of us. lol
And from the few I have known, we all had a Mom that cared.

Thank God for that.



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Thoughts from a single dad. Empty Re: Thoughts from a single dad.

Post by Princess Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:56 pm

That was really cool! i love reading about your mom. she sounds like an awesome woman! i love to hear about dads who will do more than "step up to the plate" i love it when they really play the game.....and have a blast while they are doing it!

sounds like fox has an awesome dad to look up to.

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Thoughts from a single dad. Empty Re: Thoughts from a single dad.

Post by Jsillygirl Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:49 am

What a great intro. I loved reading about your mom too!! Welcome to the group once again and hope to see you posting up a storm :).


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Thoughts from a single dad. Empty Re: Thoughts from a single dad.

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