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Quick and easy!

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Quick and easy! Empty Quick and easy!

Post by Guest Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:36 pm

Annaliesa's Stuff

Quick and easy! SpaghettiFor a family of 6:
Large hand full of dry spaghetti (according to size of family)
2 cans of olives
2 cans of sliced mushrooms
2 cans of diced tomatoes
Italian spice blend
Vinegar to taste (preferably red wine)
3 cups apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup of olive oil

1. Boil spaghetti in salted water, with apple cider vinegar. (only part of vineger and salt will obsorb into the noodles)

2. Open cans of olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes into colander. Drain pasta on top of them to warm.

3. Heat oil. Then put every thing you drained into the pan and saute it. Add vinegar, spices and garlic to taste.

4. Saute till it is warm. And serve


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Quick and easy! Empty Faux Stroganoff

Post by Guest Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:59 am

Faux Stroganoff

Brown hamburger
Cook egg noodles
Warm together with Cream of Mush soup.

For different tastes:
Worchestershire sauce (my second favorite)
Garlic, salt and pepper
Sour Cream
Almond slivers or slices (my favorite)

Great for when you don't have a lot of time to cook! crazy house


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